To love and sympathize the martyr's family is the duty of every citizen. Keeping this in mind the trust is going to help the family economically. The trust will provide for their kid's education, family's health, and other basic necessities as well as during festive season the trust would send them gifts as a symbol of love. Millions of soldiers defend the borders day and night and for their family welfare, this MARUTI VEER JAVAN Trust is established. To defend the country against the enemy country and terrorist, our soldiers fought bravely on the borders and during this action, some may fall for the cause and martyr. The main objective of the trust to help those martyr family.

Why We Do

A person tends to live luxuries and happy life with family. But a soldier cannot do this. He cannot shower the love to his children, cannot serve his parents, couldn’t fulfill his wife desires just because he is defending the country day and night. Whether winter, summer or raining, soldiers are never off the guard. Soldier fight bravely against any odd whether be it an enemy nation or terrorist, he is ready to face every challenge and give a fitting reply to challenges thrown to him. It is because of this soldier that we are safe and living in peace and harmony. Currently, countries like Syria and Iraq is under attack by ISIS terrorist group. The government and the army of those countries couldn’t face this terrorist and due to it s thousands of people from these countries had to forcefully leave the country and now living dreadfully in refugee camps. Terrorist ruined and destroyed many cities, looted the national property, exploited woman and children and left them in miserable condition.


Nanubhai Savaliya was born in a small village gadhakada, Amreli in the year 1961. Took initial education in the village itself till standard 9. After completing 9th standard he started working in agriculture field for 10 continuous years. but after rigorous hard work, he could not get enough so he decides to move to Surat city for further business opportunities. He came to Surat in the year 1987 with only Rs.1700. The sole reason to leave to the village was lack of irrigation water and till date, Mr. Nanubhai takes every opportunity to help in villages to fulfill water demand. Initially, after coming to Surat, he started working in an electric shop. Then after 3 months with help of some money borrowed from friends and family, he started manufacturing electric motor, along with it also started domestic wiring business. Nanubhai clearly understands the importance of education and regrets his lack of higher studies. But then he fulfills his desire by helping other student s financially.

Nanubhai Savaliya
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